There’s a reason that we’re the best, it’s knowing the material, the processes that it takes to get them clean and looking their finest.
Your clothes just aren’t in good hands at Quality Cleaners, they’re in the best hands.
Green Dry-Cleaning

Welcome to Rynex, A scientific breakthrough in dry cleaning solvent solutions using earth friendly chemistry.

Rynex-3 is an EFFICIENT, ECOLOGICAL and ECONOMICAL dry cleaning solvent designed for today’s dry cleaning industry. Rynex-3 is free of halogens, free of hazardous air, soil and water pollutants, and has no health or safety concerns with regular use. Rynex-3 is the ultimate solvent in textile cleaning.

Rynex-3 is designed to bring less stress and superior cleaning to fabrics. It removes greases, oils and waxes and dissolves more water-based soils than any other alternative dry cleaning solvent. It has a unique composition with an inherent ability to safely carry moisture.

Wet Cleaning and Laundry

We use a state of the art, programmable machine for our laundry and wet cleaning.


Every item that passes through our store is hand pressed and checked. Our professional pressing equipment and seasoned pressers make our pressing service the best quality in town.

Tailoring Services

What good is the perfect clean without the perfect fit? Expert tailoring with professional fitting- all done on site. If you want to make an appointment for a fitting please call (661)267-6351 or just come in if you have simple adjustments.

Household Items

If you want to look your best, chances are you want your home to look it’s best as well. We’re the one stop shop for your comforters (yes, even down), blankets, linens, drapes, rugs, and all your household cleaning needs.

Wedding Gowns

The most precious dress you will ever wear. We help you keep the magic- cleaning and preserving your wedding gown. So it always looks just the way it did on your special day.

Leathers and Suede’s

Professional cleaning for all your suede’s, leathers, and furs.

Spot Removal

There is a science to removing stains. Sometimes what looks impossible, might not necessarily be. After more than twenty years you learn a thing or two about getting them out. If it looks impossible, bring it in and let us see.

Shoe Repair

Full service shoe repair and cleaning from shine to repairing shoe soles.

Hand Bags

Hangs bag cleaning and repair including designer hand bags, replace interior line and fixing handles and tears.

Laundry Service by the Pound

Fluff and fold for all your laundry service on the go, contact us for details.

Expert Uniform Service

All military and municipal will be handled with the utmost care and to the highest standards we are familiar with all military requirements. We can also attach badges and patches to your freshly pressed uniform.

Questions? Comments?

Give us a call or send us a message, we’re glad to help.
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