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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

We are the very first and possibly the only true green dry cleaners in the Antelope Valley. Others who say they are green are wet cleaning (using water) your clothes, not dry-cleaning. Green dry-cleaning is more gentle on your clothes so they stay looking newer much longer and there is no or very minimal shrinkage. These are a few of the many benefits of dry-cleaning versus wet cleaning.

With our green dry-cleaning you get all the benefits of dry-cleaning without the health concerns of the harsh, toxic chemicals used in traditional dry-cleaning. In fact, our green dry-cleaning chemical (Rynex-3) has a 0 VOC rating so it is 100% safe for you and the environment.

We are a family owned and operated business serving the antelope valley for over 20 years. We have 2 locations for your convenience in Palmdale.

Quality is also not just our name, but our promise. We get your garment back to you the best it can possibly be. Our quality control staff checks every garment for stains, pressing, missing/ loose buttons, hems that are coming out. We try our very best to get every stain out, make sure each piece is pressed to perfection and make sure you don’t have any issues with buttons or hems so when it comes back to you it is ready to wear.

All this at a comparable price of the traditional dry cleaners.


Community Involvement

When your community demands more, Quality Cleaners in Palmdale steps up to the plate. In business since 1990, Mike Patel owner of Quality Cleaners has been a staple to our local community helping our community. As a local dry cleaners you would be surprised but many articles of clothing are left behind and never picked up. Mike says “for what ever reason people may forget they dropped off the clothes for cleaning, or sometimes people may simply move away and forget their clothes behind.” for what ever reason Mike may at any given time collect up to hundreds of articles of clothing at his cleaners. When this amount of clothing piles up Quality Cleaners does all things necessary to get in contact with their original owners if attempts are made and the business can not locate the owner of the clothes Quality Cleaners does something amazing.

Instead of simply selling the clothes – we donate to various churches and non-profit organizations across the Antelope Valley. There is always opportunity to help your fellow neighbor and for those people who can not afford a nice pair of pants or a shirt for a job interview, Quality Cleaners has made it possible for thousands of opportunities to become of every single article of clothing that has been donated.

Mike says “It makes me feel happy to help others!” so as some people might have lost some of their favorite clothes. Be happy to know that your shirt might had been the difference between some one getting a job or keep them warm in the chilled winter of the Antelope Valley desert.

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Quality Cleaners Supports Water.org


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